Menu Recommendations

The Meat We Recommend

  • No.1 Japanese Beef

    The best quality beef with a great balance of lean meat and fatty meat. Its smooth texture of lean and nicely firm meat melts in your mouth.

    The Japanese Black Beef
  • No.2 Short Plate

    The best seller! Please enjoy its juicy and pleasant taste which is surely addictive.

    Short Rib in Pot- our secret recipe
  • No.3 Chuck Roll

    This meat is suitable for grill and very popular.It has characteristic smooth texture and soft flavor. Please enjoy with sweet spicy sauce.

    Chuck Roll
  • No.4 Skirt

    A standard BBQ dish which has good balance of lean and fatty part. Please enjoy with sweet spicy sauce.

  • No.5 Beef Tongue

    The tongue of cow. Tongue is a very soft meat so when you have thin slices, please grill one side of the meat well but not too much for the other side then you don't lose the meat juice. Please enjoy it with salt, pepper and lemon juice. Recommend you order this very first.

    Salted Beef Tongue

Chicken, Pork and Beef offal are also Available

  • Chicken

    Photo : Chicken Short Plate

  • Pork

    Photo : Pork Short Plate

  • Beef Offal

    Photo : Assorted 3 types Offal

  • The photo is just for your reference.
  • The place of origin, serving arrangement, plates and the other details may differ depending on the brand.

Beef Cuts

There are various kinds of meat parts of beef. The taste and texture differ depending on the parts. And some parts are very small so they are called "rare meat". We would like you to learn about the parts and try various kinds to make your meal more enjoyable.

Side Dishes

Salad, a la carte, rice, noodles and desserts are available.
You can make your meal more enjoyable if you have variety of
well balanced dishes.


We recommend you All-You-Can-Drink which includes beer,
cocktails, Japanese liquors and wines.
We also have non-alcoholic All-You-Can-Drink.

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