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TAKARAJIMA is a casual family BBQ restaurant chain. Wide range of menu items from set meals to All-You-Can-Eat choices and a la carte is available.

  • Standard Course

    ¥1,980 +Tax

  • Aged Meat Special Course

    ¥2,780 +Tax

  • Made in Japan Premium Course

    ¥3,780 +Tax


GYUAN is a meat specialized restaurant chain which provides Shabu-Shabu (Slices of beef parboiled in hot soup), BBQ and Sukiyaki using carefully selected beef and seasonal vegetables. You can enjoy the best quality, flavorful meat dishes at reasonable prices. All-You-Can-Eat party menu is available, too.

  • GYUAN Course

    ¥2,580 +Tax

  • Rare Meat parts Course

    ¥3,280 +Tax

  • Japanese Black Beef Course

    ¥3,980 +Tax

  • *Semba-Chuo branch offers different menu items.

Jukusei Yakiniku ICHIBAN

Jukusei Yakiniku ICHIBAN is a BBQ restaurant chain that provides dry-aged beef and earthen pot rice. You can enjoy variety of items for All-You-Can-Eat dessert.

  • Value Course

    ¥2,480 +Tax

  • Ichiban's 5 Specialty Dishes Course

    ¥2,980 +Tax

  • Premium Course

    ¥3,980 +Tax

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